The Cooking Activist

The Cooking Activist, Libby

Libby Mahoney started her first blog as The Cooking Activist in May 2010.  She started participating in human trafficking awareness events and joined forces with the abolitionist community in Northeast Florida at the beginning of 2011.  Libby tweets, blogs, and uses facebook to raise awareness about modern day slavery and shopping for slave-free products.  Libby is also a strong proponent for gmo-free food and seeks to educate the community about buying organic and preparing foods from scratch.  Libby is also a member of Slow Foods First Coast.

 We teach/speak at human trafficking awareness events and private/public events throughout Northeast Florida.  We have partnered with the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalition and Task ForceRethreadedShop to Stop Slavery, The Zonta Club of Jacksonville, the Junior League of Jacksonville, the United Methodist Church of Mandarin, and SCTNowJacksonville with their events.  We have been active in the abolitionist community here in Northeast Florida since January, 2011.

The Cooking Activist Company wants to help the community in the prevention of human trafficking through education.

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For more information about organics and gmo’s take a look at these organizations/websites:

Institute of Responsible Technology

Dr. Joseph Mercola

OCA – Organic Consumers Association

Slow Food USA and Slow Food First Coast

Non-GMO Project and Product Guide


Shop To Stop Slavery:  Created by Robin Rossmanith to provide a website that showcases fair trade, ethical websites.  Consumers can find a variety of products made without exploitation of children and adults.  A great place for holiday shopping this Christmas season!  Check out my guest blog that I wrote for Robin here.

Made By Survivors:  Executive Director Sarah Symons started this company to empower women in India to provide for their families and escape the sex trade.  The women learn a trade and they sell their products worldwide, from clothing, to jewelry, and accessories.

Transitions Global: Executive Director James Pond and his wife Athena run a home in Cambodia for sex trafficked girls.  They have a very high success rate and have helped numerous girls regain their life back after being forced into the sex trade.  They are very active in assisting organizations all over the world establish rescue and restoration homes for trafficking victims.

The A21 Campaign:  Founder Christine Caine is working to eradicate human trafficking in Eastern Europe and Greece.  This organization has mobilized people worldwide to raise awareness about the sex trade/trafficking and to raise money to support survivors in their shelter.  They take an active role in the courts and law-making in Europe to help the victims receive retribution against their traffickers.

Additional Resources:

Polaris Project

International Justice Mission

The CNN Freedom Project

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