Organic Collard greens, roasted chicken and corn

21 May

I haven’t made collard greens in a long time. I didn’t use a recipe, but I had heard about cooking greens this way and I wanted to try it! The way I would make greens before is to boil them or steam them but this technique doesn’t use water at all! I bought some Applegate Farms organic bacon, cut it up and cooked it with organic onion and then I sauteed the greens for about 40 minutes in the bacon and onion and a little vinegar, sea salt, and pepper. I’m telling you, these collard greens were soooo good! I also made a roasted organic chicken with organic corn. When I cook, I usually just start putting stuff in the pan and tasting as I go and I have to remember to write or type what I did. Writing a cookbook has been a challenge because I have to make the directions easy for everyone to follow but when I cook I put a little of this and a little of that, cook until done and most people wouldn’t be able to reproduce the dish with those kinds of directions, lol:-)


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