Organic and Fair Trade Mini cupcakes

22 May

I made these cupcakes for a Valentine’s event I did to raise awareness about trafficking. The first cupcakes are Coffee Gateau Cupcakes, which is an English recipe that I have modified from my mom’s version of Coffee Gateau Cake. They are a dessert version of a shot of espresso and they were a big hit at this event.
Vanilla Brown Sugar Mini Cupcakes for the ball
This cupcake is called Vanilla Brown Sugar Cupcake that tastes sooo good! I love to do things differently than most. I don’t want my cupcakes overly sweet, so I use brown sugar instead of cane sugar, which gives the cake a different and unique flavor. I also use buttermilk because I love the tangy flavor. Organic confectioners sugar tastes different than conventional because the texture is very coarse and it needs to be sifted before it is used. Look for Fair Trade Certification the next time you are buying sugar, chocolate, vanilla, and coffee, you could help change someone’s life! These crops are harvested with the use of forced labor and slave labor around the world and Fair Trade Certification certifies that slaves were not used on the farms and plantations. This is to ensure that farmers also receive a fair price for their product. Shop Responsibly! Check out Shop To Stop Slavery for companies that ethically source their products.


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