National Donut Day

3 Jun

In honor of National Donut Day, I wanted to make homemade donuts for the first time.  Since I discovered that I have an allergy to soy, I haven’t had a donut.  It’s been about 1 1/2 years since I enjoyed any sweet, fried dough.
Basic Yeast Donuts
I started out with a basic yeast dough recipe.  This is the dough right before I wrapped and set it aside to rise.
Heart-shaped donuts
I used 2 heart shaped cookie cutters to cut the donut shape and donut hole. Since this was my first time, I had some difficulty moving the dough to the cookie sheet and keeping it looking like a heart.
Cane Sugar Donuts
The first topping I used was organic cane sugar. I drained the donuts on paper towels and then dredged them in the sugar.
Vanilla Glazed Donuts
These are my favorite ones…Vanilla Glazed. I used organic powdered sugar and vanilla to make this glaze. They don’t look perfect but they tasted pretty good, especially for my very first time doing this!
Powdered Donuts
I had some trouble with the powdered donuts because I covered them while they were still hot and the sugar started to clump and melt. I should have waited until they had cooled down but they still tasted good. I’m going to need more practice to get donuts to look pretty if I intend on selling them when I open my bakery.
Vanilla Glazed Donut Holes
These are glazed donut holes. I didn’t get any pictures of the sugared donut holes because the kids ate them too fast! These are so much fun to eat!

So this wasn’t too bad for my first homemade donuts. The flavor of the dough needs some work but that is why I love to experiment in my “test” kitchen. I love working on new recipes and putting my own spin to classics.  I’ll be working on some different types of toppings and filling for my next batch of donuts.  Happy National Donut Day!


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