2 Homemade Birthday Cakes

6 Jun

We celebrated my son Alex’s 7th birthday yesterday.  We didn’t have a big party, just the grandparents and some friends.

This is the cake once it came out of the oven. This is my first time making this recipe, I created it myself, modifying my cupcake recipe. I usually make chocolate cake but my son is not a fan of chocolate so I wanted to make something just for him.
Vanilla cake layers

This is the finished cake. My decorating tips were crushed by the garbage disposal a few weeks ago and I haven’t replaced them yet, so this is very basic but the taste was phenomenal! The cake was so moist and soft, yet it had a nice crust which was so good! Of course I used organic confectioners sugar, so the flavor of the icing was so unique to commercial icing. The only issue with organic is the texture of the sugar is more coarse so it needed to be sifted. The last cup of sugar I added to the icing, I forgot to sift so it wasn’t a smooth as it should have been.

Vanilla Birthday Cake

I didn’t stop at just one cake though…I went all out and also made a fan favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
This cookie recipe is my own. I created it, like my other recipes, because of my soy allergy and the desire to have everything organic. I actually use whole wheat flour in my cookie dough because I’ve found that the cookies had more substance that way. You can’t even tell that it is whole wheat and once the icing is put on…it is so good!!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake
We had a great time yesterday! I do sell my baked goods to friends when they ask which gives me practice for when I open my bakery! I love doing “test kitchen” projects…I can’t wait til my next created baked good! It is satisfying when a recipe comes out well, I am gaining confidence each time and that allows creativity to flow easier.


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