Family Favorite Dinner: Sausage Spaghetti

7 Jun

I love spaghetti! I like to use Italian sausage to change things up a bit from the usual ground beef or meatballs. I make the sauce from plain tomato sauce because I like to use my own seasonings with the meat. I’ve been making my own sauce since high school and it’s one of my favorite and easy meals to whip up! I change up the pasta all the time, sometimes I like penne, or rigatoni or ziti…sometimes I even use rotini pasta which goes great with meaty sauce. We’ve made the switch to whole wheat pasta and my kids don’t notice the difference, especially because the sauce is so good…it doesn’t matter what you pair it with.
Tomato sauce with sausage
I’ve done this sauce with all types of sausage…chicken sausage works just as well as pork sausage, I always make sure to buy Italian flavored sausage. This time I used pork sausage, one key thing when buying sausage is to avoid nitrates. Organic sausage is the best way to go, even though there are one or two conventional brands that don’t use nitrates. When making sauce from scratch the most important thing to do is let it cook so the herbs and meat really incorporate and meld together. I simmer mine for at least 30 minutes and then I cook the pasta, but if I have more time I let it cook for an hour. Letting the sauce sit after it is cooked is good too…the longer the flavors hang out the better the sauce. Be careful not to burn it though, if you cook it too long it can start to dry out and stick to the bottom of the pan. With this particular day, I cooked the whole wheat pasta, aldente, and then drained it and put it in pot with the sauce and cooked it for 2 more minutes and it really came out nicely! This really married the sauce with the spaghetti and instead of the sauce just sitting on top of dry spaghetti…so yummy!
Sausage spaghetti with whole wheat pasta
Smell-o-vision would be really nice for those of you reading this! I used fresh garlic, a bay leaf, oregano, and basil…plus olive oil, Romano Parmesan cheese and no added salt!


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