Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

26 Jun

I started out with homemade whole wheat bread.  I used a combination of bread flour and whole wheat flour.  I love to use organic fair trade molasses when I make bread because the bread rises so much better and it gives the bread a nice brown color.
My Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

My kids love american cheese, so I make sure to get the cheese freshly sliced from the deli.  I always buy Boar’s Head cheese because they use better ingredients than most deli brands and it tastes much better than the individual “fake” cheese slices.  Applegate Farms makes a really good organic american cheese as well, if you have that available.  My local grocery store does not carry this in their deli, Whole Foods does but I can only get there once every 2 weeks because it is 30 minutes from my house.  Provolone cheese is one of my favorite cheeses to use in grilled cheese sandwiches, but there are so many different types of cheeses out there that work really well too.

I cook my grilled cheese sandwiches in a pan with unsalted butter.  I just put a little in the pan for each side of the sandwich to make sure it gets nice a brown.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich in the pan

The homemade bread cooks differently than store-bought bread, it has more nooks and crannies and it tastes so good!
Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

The cheese gets melty and I like to eat it with tomato soup, in the winter or ketchup, in the summer.


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