Libby’s Test Kitchen: My Empanada Experiment

28 Jun

I have been experimenting with Latin dishes. I love Mexican food and I wanted to delve more into other Latin countries and try different types of Spanish cooking. Empanadas taste really good and you can fill the dough with whatever you like. Each country has their own classic fillings and even different ways to make the dough. I started out by Googling ways to make the dough. The ratio of flour to liquid to fat is about the same. I tried butter, I tried oil and I found that I like the butter best. I seasoned the dough and used homemade chicken stock instead of water and it tasted the best this way.

Homemade Empanada Dough

You can really see all the flecks of seasoning in the dough, and it smells really good! I baked these empanadas, although they can be fried but I’m trying to create healthier dishes so I didn’t try to fry them.

I experimented with fillings, I had a different things in the kitchen that I wanted to try to see what tasted good in an empanada. I had a can of organic, no-salt added refried black beans, I had a can of organic chicken chili, I had leftover baked chicken that I made into a taco flavored filling, and I had leftover black beans and rice. I used extra sharp cheddar cheese that I shredded myself and I tried different combinations of these ingredients.
This is an empanada before baking…
Chicken Empanada before baking

Chicken, Refried black beans, and cheese, this was one of my favorite combinations…
Chicken, Refried Black Beans, and Sharp Cheddar Cheese Empanada

My husband had been on a mission trip to Costa Rica and he said that they made empanadas with beans and rice so this one has only beans and rice in it. This needs some sort of sauce with it for more flavor:
Black Beans and Brown Rice Empanada

This one has chicken chili, beans and rice, and cheese:
Chicken Chili, Beans and Brown Rice, and Cheese Empanada

This one has chicken chili and cheese…I think this one was missing a hot dog, lol:
Chicken Chili and Cheese Empanada

I had fun experimenting with these empanadas and fillings. I think ground beef filling is my favorite though. I’m not done experimenting with chicken, although I may prepare the chicken differently next time! Stay tuned for more from “Libby’s Test Kitchen”!


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