Libby’s Test Kitchen: Granola Bars

5 Jul

Okay, so my son has been asking for homemade granola bars since last week and I decided to try to make them today. I got some ideas about what ingredients to use and I fashioned a recipe and tried it out. The first batch, I used brown sugar, molasses, and raisins and for some reason, probably too much molasses, it came out too soft to cut into bars. So I put it back in the oven for 5 more minutes, but only the outer edges hardened, the middle is just too soft. 😦
Granola Bar with raisins and molasses

On the bright side, my two sons and my hubby all thought that it tasted really good and they didn’t care that it wasn’t in bars. I am putting it in the refrigerator overnight to see what it will be like in the morning. It should harden overnight and then it won’t be so messy to eat, hopefully.

The second batch I made because my oldest, Kiersten, was having a fit about the raisins in the first batch. So…I made these granola bars with no raisins and I decided to use honey instead of molasses. These actually look like granola bars, you know the Nature Valley honey and oat bars?
Honey Granola Bars

Unfortunately, these are way too sweet. So it will be back to the drawing board to figure out the best quantities of sweet to make these even better. The crazy thing is, my boys didn’t like these because they actually preferred the taste of the molasses over the honey. Go figure!

Test kitchen baking is definitely a risk but at least both batches are edible, the worst is when you have to chuck the whole recipe because it doesn’t work out and thankfully that doesn’t happen to often.  For the next time that I make these, I will definitely add some nuts to it and maybe cashew butter…mmm…there are so many possibilities!  I was imaging drizzling melted dark chocolate over them or adding chocolate chips.  Chocolate makes everything better!  So say we all?


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