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Are you buying chocolate for Halloween?

19 Sep

It’s been awhile since I posted anything here, things have been very hectic at home.  With my 4 children home with me this summer, I hardly had time for anything blog related!

Seasonal Chocolates

I wanted to blog about Halloween candy.  Stores are putting up their displays and setting up isles of candy and chocolates for us to purchase.  Each year I do less and less for this day, I just don’t care for it anymore for several reasons.  One big reason is the chocolate.  Ever since I learned about child trafficking and the forced labor that goes on with cocoa harvesting, I don’t buy conventional brands anymore.  There really aren’t many options for this time of year for ethical chocolate and so I just haven’t bought any for the last 2 years.  I am a chocoholic, there I said it!  But, I only buy chocolate when I go to Whole Foods or Native Sun because fair trade chocolate is not mainstream or widely available anywhere else.  I have to stock up because I live far from both stores and only go once every 2 weeks.

I found this website called Sweet Earth Chocolates that has Halloween candy that is fair trade and organic!  I’m so excited and I wanted to share this with everyone!!  Ethical and socially responsible shopping begins with each of us.  Knowledge gives us the tools and motivation to do the right thing.  I gave up conventional/commercial chocolate for two reasons, one, I only support those companies that care about the people in their supply chains and two, I am allergic to soy and soy is in most chocolate because it is cheaper than cocoa butter.  Now, in most chocolate they put GMO soy lecithin and GMO high fructose corn syrup along with the child labor.  You can protect your health,  your family’s health, and the lives of the 100,000 children exploited on the cocoa plantations on the Ivory Coast, when you buy organic and fair trade chocolate.

For me, Halloween celebrates evil with all the scary and dark costumes and decorations and it is taken one step further when the massive purchases of chocolate perpetuates the abuse of children.  Is that Kit Kat or Hershey bar worth it? Not for me…and my hope is to educate others about the hidden parts, in the supply chains of the products that are on the shelves in our grocery stores.  Remember that when you walk into a store and see the displays of Halloween candy, the product brands and marketing that bring back childhood memories and pictures of fun and excitement!  But just like on Halloween, when kids will be wearing masks and having fun, the chocolate companies wear masks everyday, hiding behind their brands that exploit and abuse children on a daily basis.  We can make a difference!  Buy fair trade, Whole Trade, and fairly traded chocolate this Halloween and everyday!  Tell your friends, family, and co-workers and be a part of something greater than yourself!