Cinco De Mayo Birthday Dinner

8 May

Mom's birthday dinner

Everyone has been posting blogs about Cinco De Mayo and I accidentally made a Mexican-style birthday dinner for my mom. So, I thought, why not post it as a blog! It just so happens that I love Mexican food and I experiment with all types of Spanish foods from all over the world. One of my favorites are Argentinian Empanadas, so, so good!

Chicken Empanada before baking Uncooked chicken empanada

Anyway, I went all out preparing this meal with the help of my sister and her husband. I decided to take on homemade corn tortillas, which I haven’t made before. I’ve done the flour tortillas a lot but wheat flour and corn flour are two very different things.

Fresh dough for flour tortillas

To make things complicated, I couldn’t use the Masa flour at the grocery store because it is made with gmo-corn, which is no good. So I had to improvise. Bob’s Red Mill makes an organic Masa Harina flour, which is traditionally used for corn tortillas. Here is a recipe for corn tortillas using Bob’s Red Mill Masa Harina. Corn meal is used for corn bread and apparently there is a big difference. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any organic masa at my local grocery store and since my sister eats only gluten-free I had to use gluten-free all-purpose flour and corn meal to make the tortillas.

Gluten-free all-purpose flourgluten free fine corn meal

Making these were very time consuming because the dough was very delicate and sticky. Gluten-free flour is not as easy as wheat flour to work with.

Homemade gf corn tortilla dough

With my sister’s help, we managed to get most of the tortillas made, with an added twist of frying them in coconut oil. I usually cook my flour tortillas on my George Foreman Grill, but these did not cook well on that so we had to improvise. The coconut oil gave these tortillas such a unique and delicious flavor, it worked really well with the rest of the ingredients. These didn’t exactly come out like tortillas that you can fold, they were more like flat corn cakes.

Homemade corn tortillas

I made cilantro-lime grilled chicken breast with organic chicken, fresh cilantro, fresh garlic, olive oil, and fresh lime. I ususally make guacamole from scratch, but the store didn’t have any avocados that were ripe so we used the Wholly Guacamole brand guacamole. I really prefer this brand because of the simple ingredients and the fact that they use real avocado. Have you ever noticed that some brands don’t even use avocado in their guacamole? It just goes to show that reading labels are so important!

I grilled the chicken and then some peppers and onions and we served it with sour cream, cheddar cheese, guacamole, fresh tomatoes, raw peppers and onions, and homemade black beans and rice. I had spent most of the morning cooking the black beans and brown rice. There were a lot of beans and rice leftover so I used the extra chicken, peppers, and onions for lunch the next day.

Leftover cilantro-line chicken, grilled peppers and onions, homemade black beans and rice

Needless to say, dinner was delicious, and even the kids loved the chicken! It was a bit stressful taking on 2 new recipes and then serving it for my mom’s birthday dinner, but thankfully everything worked out! Next time I decide to make corn torillas, I will by some non-gmo masa harina first!


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