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Human Trafficking Awareness at the Jacksonville Zoo

9 Oct

On September 22nd I was part of a human traffikcing awareness event at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. It was called the SCTNow Jacksonville 5k walk and the purpose was to gather the community together to educate others about trafficking and modern-day slavery.

SCTNow sign on my table
This is the SCTNow sign that was on my table.

SCTNow 5k walk 9-22-12

My company handed out free fair trade cookies and muffins to the participants of the SCTNow 5k walk.

The Cooking Activist Company Table
The Cooking Activist Company Table

The Cooking Activist
This is me, The Cooking Activist!

My business partner and friend, Monica Greenblott, is the SCTNow Jacksonville Ambassador and she organized the walk. We set up a table and when people finished their walk, I got to talk to them and tell them what I do.  I love to talk about this cause.  It is dear to my heart and I am very passionate about it.

The Cooking Activist Company

My cookies were made with fair trade sugar, vanilla, and chocolate chips.  I also use organic and non-gmo ingredients when I bake because I am concerned about the health ramifications of pesticides and other cancer causing side-effects of gmos.  When a product is labeled as fair trade or ethically resourced or something along those lines, it means that there wasn’t any child labor/slaves harvesting the product.  The label also guarantees that the the farmer gets a fair price for his goods and no adults were enslaved or in debt bondage in order to harvest or manufacture the product.  The supply chains of many popular products are full of modern day slavery and  human trafficking.  Buying products with a fair trade label shows you that the company takes action against human trafficking and avoids slavery-produced goods.

Fusion Ministries
These lovely ladies are representing Fusion Ministries of Jacksonville!

I also made Banana Oatmeal Muffins, which the bananas were Whole Trade guaranteed by Whole Foods Market.  Whole Foods has a program called the Whole Trade Guarantee that investigates the supply chains of companies and their bananas have the this Whole Trade sticker on them.  Their pineapples, teas, coffee, and other products with this sticker show that they are ethically sourced.  I was excited to use these bananas and it made the muffins a wonderful example of how we can use products that are ethically sourced.

World Relief Jacksonville and NEFHTTF
This is my friend Michelle Clowe, who is the current Chair of the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalition and she is the Human Trafficking Liason for World Relief Jacksonville.   There is another 5k coming up on October 13th called The Human Race.  Another friend of mine, Seth Johnson, is coordinating this 5k for  Transitions Global, another great organization that rescues and restores girls trafficked into the sex trade.

I had a wonderful time meeting new people and educating others about the importance of consumer purchases in the fight against modern-day slavery and human trafficking!

World Relief Jacksonville signage

There are much more exciting things coming my way this fall! Stay tuned for more exciting updates!! Remember to buy fair trade and check the labels for ethically sourced companies!!