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New Product: Coffee Gateau

24 Apr

Coffee Gateau Mini Cupcakes

This weekend at the St Johns River Farmers Market we will have these lovely cupcakes available for sale!! Yummy! This recipe is a family recipe passed down to me from my mom and grandma. We call it Coffee Gateau, which means Coffee Cake. In America, Coffee Cake is something totally different from this recipe though. My mother was born in England and they do things a bit differently than Americans, so sometimes the names for food are the same but the food itself is not! My mom makes this as a 2-layer cake most of the time and I’ve changed the recipe into mini cupcakes. This is my all-time favorite cake and the one that my mom makes for my birthday every year! I’m excited to debut it at the market and coffee lovers are sure to love this cake! Of course, I make it with organic and fair trade coffee, sugar, and vanilla! Gotta make it fair trade!

Coffee Gateau Mini Cupcakes
The cupcakes have a coffee buttercream and chopped pecans on top!

Oh and another thing, I’ve used organic ingredients to avoid gmos!

Check out my facebook page for more information about what we will be making this week! We are working on getting things in place to start selling online, but unfortunately, we can’t yet!

I’m looking forward to being at the market this weekend! Coffee lovers unite!!


The Un-Peanut Butter Cup…

18 Apr

The best non-peanut butter cups!

These things are awesome! Let me give you a little back story to my struggle…

I have loved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups since I was a kid.  I love Reese’s Pieces, the mini cups, and the big ones!  It has been 3 and 1/2 years since I’d eaten any type of Reese’s product.  I became allergic to peanuts and soybeans at the age of 33!  I had to give up A LOT of my favorite childhood treats, actually, all of my favorite childhood treats because everything has soybeans in it and if it doesn’t have soy in it, it’ll have peanuts.

So anyway…

I am an activist against slavery and all that as well, so most of my favorite childhood treats are made with slave-harvested chocolate and cane sugar as well.  I am really limited as to what I feel morally comfortable eating already, plus add to that my allergies, and that takes pretty much everything off of the table…literally!

I shop at Whole Foods and I always peruse the chocolate candy isle because I’m always looking for soy-free, peanut-free, and slave-free chocolate to eat.  I saw this new brand, Sun Cups and thought, hmmm….what is that?

The front of the package said Nut Free, so I picked it up to investigate further.  It is made with sunflower butter!  I thought to myself, ‘ yeah, but I’m sure the chocolate has soy lecithin in it…’  I read the ingredients and I didn’t see any soy listed and it also stated that it does not contain soy, which is confirmation that I can actually eat this treat!  I was getting so excited standing there in the aisle and I had to restrain myself from shouting out loud!  I continued to read the small print and when I got to the part of Rain Forest Alliance Certified, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I felt like I won the lottery.

Rain Forest Alliance Certified Sun Cups...

What are the chances of finding something that is free of allergens and slavery!

The only thing left to do was to taste it.  Once I paid for my things and got into my vehicle, I tore open the packet and it looked just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup!  I bit into it with anticipation and it tasted so delicious!  My taste buds were doing the happy dance!  It has been so long since I was able to enjoy nutty chocolatey goodness!  I was supposed to take a picture of the chocolate for this blog post, but I didn’t take the time to stop eating to snap a photo!  Oh well!

Thank you SunCups!!  I love companies that think outside of the box!  They also make caramel and mint varieties as well.  I can’t wait to try them!